Kaito Toba #27

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2024 Moto2™ ECh Catalunya, weekend

I had very high hopes for this weekend. I like the circuit of Barcelona. Although we hadn’t done any test here in the preseason, I was confident that the weekend could work out well. However, things didn’t really go as planned. For starters, the weather was incredibly changeable, which meant we had wet and semi-dry conditions for most of the time out on track. When changing category, one of the main objectives is to put in as many kilometres as possible on dry tarmac, but this weekend the weather certainly hindered us.
We still managed to scrap off a Top-10 for the qualifying, and Sunday we had decent weather. In the first race, there was a problem with the bike which eventually led me to retire. In the second race, I ended up crashing. We need to check the data to understand what happened, as it came out of nowhere.
I’m disappointed with how the weekend turned out, but I know we can show out potential in the upcoming rounds. I need to be patient and keep working, I’m sure we’ll have our share of luck soon.